The Sounds You Should Hear From Your AC Unit

It is common to find guides and information about AC regarding sounds that warn you of something wrong. However, this article will discuss the unique topic concerning what you should hear from your AC.

Why is the topic important? Knowing the usual sounds that ACs make allows you to quickly notice strange noises that require attention. You will also be comfortable and at peace when you get accustomed to your AC’s sounds. Take a look at the sounds you should hear from your AC, as discussed below.

Compressor Humming

When you hear the hum of the compressor, know that your AC is properly performing. The humming compressor sound occurs when the AC begins its cooling cycle after the thermostat signals that the house’s interior requires cooling. Cool air is felt coming from the system when the compressor turns on, hence the humming sound.

Fan Blowing

When the blower fan pushes the air through the conditioner, which later goes into the ductwork, it makes a typical sound. The fan-blowing sound is steady and gentle, eventually becoming a noise similar to the white noise of the summer season.

Water Movement

The sound occurs at periodic intervals, usually caused by the condensate moisture from the central AC. The condensate moisture does not drip into your house; instead, it passes through a drainage system to the outside. Therefore, the drainage system is responsible for removing water that collects along the evaporator coil.

Ducts Rattling

The rattling noise occurs from the metal that constructs the ductwork in the area exiting the central HVAC cabinet. Therefore, when the AC turns, the metal makes a rattling sound when it’s heated or cooled. This rattling sound should be short-lived; otherwise, it would mean that the ductwork is loose.


It is normal to hear a clicking sound from your AC. when it completes the cooling cycle. The clicking occurs because of machinery stopping. In this case, the machinery includes the compressor and the motors in your AC. Take note of how your AC usually clicks. Why so? Other times, odd clicking sounds could indicate loose parts or failing capacitors.

Wrapping Up!

According to our above findings, we do not expect ACs to be quiet. Therefore, when you hear the compressor humming, fan blowing, water movement, ducts rattling, or even clicking sound, know that such is expected with your conditioner.

However, if you hear an unfamiliar noise from your AC, that could be a sign of a problem. In such a case, consult an air conditioning expert to figure out whether the problem is minor, major, or if your AC is getting old.