How To Reduce Your Energy Bills in Summer

Electric Bills in summer are a nightmare, mainly because of the running of the AC systems, among other aspects. It is hard to maintain low electric bills in hot climates like California’s. Maybe you have tried to lower your electric bills, failed, and given up. What if there was a way to lower the said bills?

The habits in your home dictate how high or low your electric bill will be. The way you run your air conditioning system might be effective or might be ineffective, to the point of unnecessarily wasting power. Changing your household habits may not impact the energy price but may reduce high power bills.

The following are some habits that help homeowners reduce their power bills. These habits will let you cool your house for less!

During the day, 78°F is an adequate Temperature for Your Indoors

It is only logical that people lower their house thermostats when it becomes hotter outside. It is a primary human reaction to overcome the heat. Setting the AC at a lower temperature makes it run for an extended period and struggle to reach the levels you set.

 An excellent recommendation is to set your thermostat at 78° in the daytime when people are at home. This setting is cool enough for people and prevents heat from getting into the house. You will be able to save around 20% of your cooling costs.

This idea is that heat current goes from hotter areas to cooler areas [Radiation], so if your house is cooler than the surrounding environment, more heat will gravitate towards your home.

Always Maintain Your Cooling System Annually or Biannually

You can always follow the schedule provided by our team for your AC maintenance. Having an AC system that is properly maintained means that it will run efficiently. A maintained system is likely to use 5% less energy than a system that is not maintained. A maintained AC system will be efficient and better functioning.

The AC should be Running When You’re Not at Home.

No money is saved when the AC is entirely shut off. When you shut off your AC, your home becomes too hot, to the point that you’ll have to use twice or thrice the energy to cool it down when you get back home. An ideal temperature for your thermostat when you’re away is 88°F. As long as you are out of the home, this temperature will be adequate and make it easy to reduce to 78°F when you return home.

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Various programmable thermostats come with mobile applications, which can adapt to the environment and set the required temperatures without your supervision. Additionally, the thermostat can be set to automate the best settings for the night and daytime. Sometimes you as a homeowner might forget to set the thermostat, but a smart thermostat will use your preferences and previous settings to provide maximum energy efficiency. Such a thermostat is available in different versions, ask our team, and we will install the one that suits your home.