Is a Ductless Mini Split AC better than a Window AC?

Cooling an entire house can be a hassle; some imagine a central conditioning system is the only way to do it. But that is not the case; a window air conditioning system has drawbacks. For instance, they should be present in every room for them to cool a house effectively.

At the same time, each house room should have a window for this system to work. And it does not stop there; in large spaces, this type of AC will struggle to perform unless there is more than one installed.

This does not mean the situation is hopeless for homeowners; an alternative like the ductless mini split heat pump effectively cools a house. Through air handlers installed on the wall, such a system sends cool or heated air to the desired spaces. Also, they have an exhaust system that runs through the wall to the outside, which helps dissipate heat from the house during summers.

Which one is more effective? The Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump vs. HVAC system.

The wall-mounted air handlers perform excellently.

These units have excellent colling capabilities because of how they are designed. Each air handler has a refrigeration system that absorbs the heat inside the house and sends it outside. This system is better than a window AC because it needs an exterior coil installed in a separate unit outdoors, but the air handlers have them internally.

The cooling power of an air handler is 12,000 BTUs, which exceeds the cooling capacity of a window AC. Such power provides enough cooling for large rooms up to 500 square feet, which is something a window AC cannot provide.

The Ductless Mini Split provides more cooling zones per Household

The capability of the air handler is undeniable; it can perfectly serve the largest room in your home, but how many air handlers can you install?

It is expected that a single outdoor condenser unit will be able to house eight air handlers. Your house can have eight AC “environments/cooling zones.” Each bedroom will have an air handler for a two-bedroom house, and some will remain for the dining room, basement, living room, and other rooms. Eight air handlers are enough for most homes; if they are not enough, another outdoor condenser can house eight more air handlers for larger homes.


A Ductless Mini Split cooling system is more than enough for your Household. The above reasons provide a vivid picture of how such a system is better than a traditional window AC system. At the same time, this system is more suitable for modern home designs that don’t have ductwork that solely relies on window ACs. The Ductless Mini Split system will cool and heat your Household as needed without any hassle throughout the seasons.