Signs Your Air Conditioner Unit is Dying

The compressor of the AC is the center of the air conditioning system. 

It pumps a vital substance through a system of tubes, similar to that of a heart in the human body. The compressor’s main task is to exchange heat. It moves heat from inside a home to outside, cooling down the interior in the process.

The compressor performs one of the most essential functions for your air conditioner and consumes the most power. Most of the electricity you use to power the machine goes to the compressor’s motor, when it fails you can face various problems. This can range from having an AC that can’t cool, to expensive repairs. This can, unfortunately, lead to you having to replace the entire system.

It’s always important to watch for warning signs in your AC compressor. You can avoid the need for an early replacement. Contact us today for a free consultation and here we will make sure your cooling system is able to work for several more years.

Signs a Compressor is Imperiled

There are many warning signs to tell if the compressor is in danger. Even if it isn’t the compressor, you can still call a professional to let them know something is wrong.

There is an Increase in Humidity

When the humidity in the house begins to rise unexpectedly, there might be a problem. With less evaporation in the coil, more moisture will remain in the air.

Sounds are Coming from the Condenser 

Because of where the condenser is located (outdoors), sounds can occur due to a malfunction. When you hear (what sounds like) grinding or loud clicking, it could mean the compressor is struggling to run. The grinding could be that the motor is burning out and the clicking signifies a struggling start/ run of the capacitor.

The Airflow is Significantly Lowered 

The lower the airflow, the higher chance the air conditioner has a weakened compressor. 

The AC begins to overheat

If you are experiencing circuit breaker trips while the AC is still on, chances are the motor is overheating and overloading the breaker. 

The Condenser Constantly vibrates

You always feel vibration when the condenser operates, but if it’s a significant visible shaking, there may be something wrong with the compressor.

When you are going to need a replacement

Compressors begin to fail usually at the end of the life of the AC (approximately around 15 years). We recommend getting a whole new AC unit at this point. You will be saving money and begin to enjoy a better-quality AC. 

Feel free to consult us on when to replace/repair your central AC.