Why Get Air Conditioning in Southern California?

With the fairly mild climate in Southern California, it’s easy to assume that the average person may not bother installing an HVAC system into their home. We think it must be easy to leave the windows open throughout the winter and maybe buy a little fan for the summer. As it turns out, this is not the case for Los Angeles, San Diego, Ventura, and surrounding regions. Southern California is a hot commodity for air conditioning. In fact, the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Museum happens to be located in Downtown Los Angeles.

So why are residents in Southern California enjoying air conditioning despite the weather? One explanation for the widespread use of HVAC units in the area is the exceeding number of large office buildings. Big, tall buildings with multiple rooms require a lot of ventilation, air filtration, and of course, an effective system for distributing heating and cooling. However, businesses, hotels, and other offices are not the only ones installing air conditioning into their space. Residents and homeowners in the SoCal communities are also using HVAC systems to regulate their homes.

The list below provides 5 reasons why air conditioning is the right choice for you, even in Southern California:

Filtered and Clean Air
Having an air conditioning unit lowers your exposure to pollen, mold, mildew, and dust. Limiting how much of these allergens members of your household are breathing in each day can prevent things like asthma attacks and reactions to outdoor allergens. It can also alleviate reactions to some pet allergies. Having an air conditioning unit supports lung health by facilitating clean breathing each day.

Having quality air conditioning in your home means you won’t be forced to open the widows just to get some air or for temperature control. This will allow you the freedom to keep doors and windows locked, providing you with a safer, more secure home. Having closed windows in doors will also reduce neighborhood and city noise entering the room.

Better Quality Sleep
Studies show that we tend to sleep best in cooler conditions. Having an HVAC unit will allow you to set a cooler temperature in your home to facilitate a longer, deeper sleep. Getting a full night’s rest each night greatly contributes to overall health, so having an air conditioning unit can actually contribute positively to your health in numerous ways in the long term.

Prevent Dehydration and Heat Stroke Risk
It’s no question that the summer months in Southern California can get particularly hot. Living in a house without air conditioning during these times puts you at risk for dehydration and even heat stroke. While it’s always good to drink plenty of water, there’s only so much you can do when your household doesn’t allow your body to cool down. Having an air conditioning unit can contribute to keeping you safe and healthy in the heat.

Improve Household Mood and Productivity
Who knew that air conditioning could improve the disposition and mood in your household? Installing an HVAC unit can prevent the discomfort that comes from being too hot or too cold, allowing members of your home to keep a clearer head and navigate each day without added stress from feeling uncomfortable.